For anybody who has the guts to look in the mirror personally or business wise its the greatest gift to yourself. Absolutely a must for everybody! Bart Dijkman

Bubbles, being reborn in my own body. Daring to be me, bubbling, soft, pure and loving. Have the confidence to share my beautiful me with the world. Marie-José Danse, Yong consulting

If I have to put it in words there is no better way to describe it as: ” magical”. Everything these two women touch becomes magic. I’m thankful that they touched me. For me there is more space for life, effortless and with abundance. With help from my guardian angel Benjamin. Iwan Debets, CEO Mistmonster

I’m very thankful that I have experienced this magic. Before this retreat I was locked up in myself. After the sessions I have experienced how it is to be free and to have space for me and my passion and the people around me. With confidence ( together with my angel Marina) I’m facing my future. A big thank you Brechtje & Janine. Janneke Moonen-Stemkens, management-assistent

Brechtje coached me during a training Development
Brechtje feels like a warm, safe and loving bath. She sees. She listens. She analyses. She is empathic. She feels. She gives love and energy.
I could be me completely and look into my deepest core because of her professional lead.
A fantastic coach! Love!
Marielle Hulshoff

Secretly you know your own dream life but hey, of course that’s not possible!
It’s not possible financially, your environment says what are you thinking and above that of course in reality you are not so great than in your dreams.
But it keeps aching…The magic of finally being who you are and living that to the fullest.Its scary. Big time Because this is about you to the bone and what your soul is whispering to you.
And than there is Brecht. She is beside you, behind you, is your biggest fan, your thorn in the side and coaches you right through your fears, blocks and resistance.
With calmth, humor and 300 procent trust in you. So that to your own surprise you are doing what you almost didn’t dare to dream. She is a channel for magic, an honest mirror , soft , warm, safe, confronting with humor and sparks. She healed my deepest
Pain and let me get over my biggest fears. Because of the coaching of Brecht, I dare to do what I wanted to do and to be who I am. Great!
With great grattitude, Caroline

Janine’s sensitivity and her ability to resonate with what is present in me during the cranio treatments are really exceptional. She not only feels what is going on, but also has a very gentle, precise and heartfelt way to give words to it. She has helped me gain a deeper awareness of and trust in the subtle signals of my body and mind. And the physical tension that I originally came for has mostly disappeared, as if from the inside out. I truly recommend her! Pérola Goncalves, Bloom counseling

one word: WOW! I didn’t know that life could be this beautiful. You need guts to show the most precious part of yourself. If there is one thing you can learn from these ladies it is shining with contagious sparks! I already gave myself permission to enjoy life but now I can FEEL it! Delighted! I’m thankful for this journey. Thankful for my life and all the beautiful things that lie ahead. I’m completely myself, radiating and want the world to know. Marie-José Danse, Yong consulting

Just B was the key to myself!
Brecht to me was an angel, a warm coach/trainer with a nice positive vibe.
Her energy is lovely and you can feel it to in her words and in her online academy lessons.
Brecht coaches with her intuition and that feels incredibly powerfull.
Brecht keeps supporting you to follow your own path.
As a trainer of CUT THE CRAP Brecht could help me focus on myself and my desires. That gives me confidence, surrender and relaxation. With Brecht as a coach you have the guts to put up with any challenge!