Free yourself

Want to (finally) free your inner power? You can get past your fears and have the life you long for.

You are welcome at our transformational breathing sessions. Located in a beautiful healing place.

Come into your own and get in touch with the compass that shows you the way to a rich fulfilling life:
your heart.

Price for a morning, including a healthy delicious lunch and tea/ coffee: 135,- euro (ex. V.A.T.)

Price for an afternoon/ evening session: 108,- euro (ex. V.A.T.)

Good to know

We have room for max. 10 people. Send us an email if you want to come.


Casa Basicflow in Aarle-Rixtel


De Hoorneboeg in Hilversum

Dates 2019

Thursday 31 Januari 13.30 – 17h (Hilversum)

Friday 1 February 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Friday 22 February 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Friday 15 March 10 – 13.30h (Aarle – Rixtel, including lunch)

Saturday 16 March 13.30 – 17h (Hilversum)

Friday 17 May 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Friday 7 June 10 -13.30h (Aarle-Rixtel, including lunch)

Saturday 15 June 13.30 – 17h (Hilversum)

Thursday 29 Augustus 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Friday 1 November 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Friday 13 December 19.30 – 22h (Aarle-Rixtel)

Wanna be startin’ something?

You’re welcome!