This is how it works

Wanna be startin something?

You have to say YES with no holding back. Faith is something you give in advance. Where there is doubt, uncertainty, darkness, playing small, criticism. That’s the moment when to press play. And you know what? Than comes the challenge: can you allow and feel your fear, inner criticism, the arousal, jumping through the ceiling and wanting to dig a hole to the center of the earth. This is when you enter the transformation zone.

What about this… We found ourselves in the position to organize a retreat (say what , what is a retreat for gods sake). We had no location, no participants, no experience with facilitating a retreat, and only two weeks to pull it off. But still… There was a plan/project waiting for us to be born. So when we got the request for a retreat , something inside us shouted YES! Than we found ourselves in the dark woods of criticism, self doubt, logic etc, OMG. Where is the backdoor? But inside the yess, still was there. So, what to do?

We did the obvious thing: rented a villa in Italy, booked our flights and put the whole damn thing on Facebook. What do you think happened?

We truly experienced that the universe got our back: the first participants showed up and booked our retreat!! A great cook volunteered out of the blue and WTF we are going to Sardenia in October, the table is almost full. Its gonna be light, beautiful and magical.

So, do you wanna be starting something?

Here is our advice
  1. Start before you are ready.
  2. Do the work that has to be done (Yes. Even when you shit your pants)
  3. Enjoy the ride and relax.

Now you have it: you can skip courses, books, workshops and further delay like retreats or that shit.

But if you wanna dive in these good vibes of freedom, trust and co-creation with the Universe: Be our guest. We happen to be, just be, in Sardinia in October and you are welcome.

Travel light,