Yes we know the earth, the dirt, the shitholes, been to the dark places honest and raw.

Been there done that.

It’s safe, familiar, old school and you don’t have to do scary shit like getting on stage and show the world who you really are.

Playing small was our game. Our familiair game, our tribe.

But we got bored. (For a long time, to be honest)

Over and over again, same fear,  same pain, same  voice in our head same choice….BORING.

We got bored with life. Is this it?

Everybody around us just gave us the same mirror and played the same game.

But deep down, hidden there was a hungry heart, craving for new experiences, sparks and juiciness…

In life, love , body, sex and even in things we have never done before.

Magic, surprise, new adventure!

 What else is possible?

In unknown places you find unknown parts of yourselves.

In New York we found boldness, just do it, be brave, what do you want? OWN it.

The magic we found there was not the magic from NY but it awakened the magic in ourselves.

We opened a new door.

You can encounter the world in your daily life in this new state of being and what a difference that makes.

A whole new world. It is inside of you.

You can be surprised in many ways everyday!

Now we are open for it, ready to receive.

We want to inspire you because life is fucking awesome!

Do you dig this?

Wanna be startin’ something?